The Convenience of Online Windows Mobile Casinos

Much like the way in which they have dominated the computer industry for years and years, Microsoft is now working to capitalize on their share of the internet gambling industry with a variety of online Windows mobile casinos. Though their numbers are still few when compared to giants like Android and Apple, they continue to grow in popularity due to their glitch-free gaming and excellent features.

How to Find Them

Like Apple and Android devices, this unique manufacturer also has its own store for purchasing applications known very simply as the Marketplace. Here, it is possible to find several different suites associated with various establishments that can be downloaded to and installed on these devices. While there is no payment required to access the online Windows mobile casinos and applications, a deposit will be required in order to play for real money in Canada and elsewhere around the globe.

Can You Get a Bonus?

Because most of the establishments that can be accessed from these handheld devices are nothing more than extensions of larger web-based sites, it is absolutely possible to take advantage of various offers that can help users boost their bankrolls. In some cases, individuals will find no-deposit offerings that are provided once the software has been installed. In others, individuals will need to input codes along with their first qualifying deposits in order to take advantage of a match. In either case, the ability to receive free money is certainly a blessing - and a great introduction.

What Is Included in the Suites?

It should be noted that the suites of games for online Windows Casino are quite small in comparison to those that were developed for full-fledged websites. Nonetheless, all of the best and most popular titles can be found. Currently, the suites contain six slots with exciting themes, two different types of video poker, a couple of blackjack variants and some other mini-games that include scratchers and keno. Each of these provides a new opportunity to win, and one of the scratchers comes as a free daily bonus!

Plenty of Features

Something else that sets these online Windows mobile casinos apart from their competitors is the fact that they offer up plenty of features that simply aren't available with competitor sites. For instance, individuals will have the ability to zoom in on certain parts of the screen, open up to six tabs at once while enjoying their favorites, multi-touch gestures that provide for a more capacitive and immersive experience, and more. To top it all off, there is excellent customer support available with just a touch of the finger and lots of banking options from which to choose.

Overall, it is expected that these devices will continue to grow in popularity as Microsoft continues to integrate new features into them. As such, more gambling establishments will be made available to the people who use these phones and tablets, providing for plenty of choice in an already booming industry.