What Gamblers should Know about the Match Bonus

A match bonus, sometimes referred to as a deposit bonus, is an amount of cash that a casino provides to a player when he or she deposits money into an online casino account. Players can get a traditional online casino bonus or a mobile casino bonus depending on the platforms they choose. The largest match bonuses are usually welcome bonuses that casinos offer to new players who have never had accounts with those venues in the past. However, these bonuses are also provided to players as weekly or monthly promotions in many online venues.

The welcome bonus is likely the most lucrative match bonus in the entire online gambling industry, and the amount of money that the player could be awarded depends almost solely on the casino. For instance, a smaller, lesser-known casino may only offer new players a 100% match of up to $200. However, a larger casino with a good reputation may offer players as much as a 300% match of up to $3000. To find the best bonuses, players are encouraged to search the web; they should ensure that the casino offering the bonus is reputable before making a deposit, as well. Canadians usually refer to grizzly gambling.com, top casino reviews, the best sign up bonuses and more.. to learn about where the top venues are to play at. They can also decide which casino will offer the most free credits while putting out the least amount of their own money with these tools as well.

Weekly and monthly promotions are typically much smaller than the welcome bonus, but they can add up over time. As an example, a casino may offer players a 20% match bonus of up to $100 on Fridays between 8pm and 10pm as part of a Happy Hour promotion. Another prime example is the holiday bonus which is offered during times such as Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more. These bonuses may be one-time opportunities, so players who want to take advantage of them should be sure to deposit enough to enjoy the full benefit.

Most casinos associate what are known as wagering requirements with their bonuses to prevent consumers from simply making a deposit, receiving the bonus cash, and then cashing everything out. In most cases, players are required to wager between 10 and 40 times the amount of the bonus that was provided before that bonus cash--or even any of the winnings that the player has earned with that cash--can be withdrawn. Thus, if a player receives a $100 bonus with a 30x wagering requirement, he or she will need to wager a total of $3000 in order to withdraw either the $100 or anything that was won with it.

Casinos will set up banking screens in such a way that players can keep track of the amount they've earned in bonuses, the amount they've deposited out of their own accounts, and the amount that they will need to wager before the wagering requirements are met. Each bonus is kept track of separately in the event that the casino allows more than one active bonus at a time. This helps players feel more secure in their gambling since they know exactly what must be done to receive their winnings. Players are always free to withdraw anything they deposit that doesn't have a bonus attached to it.