Into the Future with Net Entertainment Touch Software

The new and innovative Net Entertainment Touch software is a great addition to an already phenomenal lineup of products and platforms offered by this company. The popularity of devices such as iPhones, iPads, Androids and other tablets is continuously growing, so this developer has worked hard to keep up with the times and offer a product that is sure to please Canadian gamblers.

What Is It?

Net Entertainment Touch is a collective name for a series of titles that was developed to be enjoyed on a wide variety of mobile devices. While the number of titles that are available on this platform are not as diverse as those offered on PCs or Macs, all of the most popular NetEnt games can be found here. What separates this offering from those of other developers is that they are entirely web-based and the interface automatically adjusts depending upon the device that an individual uses to access the individual casino websites.

The Best Option for Handheld Gaming

Although most of the major developers out there have clamored to create products that are optimized for handheld use, no one has done it better than Net Entertainment Touch. The venues that allow users to access websites through a browser rather than through an application have optimized their sites somewhat, but none have the same capability and easy-to-use interface as NetEnt. Every casino proprietor that chooses to utilize this developer's offering will have the perfect foundation for truly pleasing the crowds.

Classic and Favorite Titles

As previously stated, the selection available for handheld users isn't quite as extensive as the full range of Flash titles, but some of the most highly rated favorites are there. Slots like Gonzo's Quest, Jack Hammer, Flowers, Victorious, and most recently Reel Rush and Mega Fortune, can all be enjoyed flawlessly from phones, tablets and even iPods. There are also a few table games available for those who do not want to spend all of their time with the pokies.

Getting Started

The first thing that users will need to do is find a venue that makes use of this exciting offering. Once it has been located, there are several options. In some cases, individuals will need to visit the website and create an account to get started. In others, all the user has to do is navigate his or her browser to the correct webpage and choose a title. It truly is that simple, and most venues will even offer a mobile casino bonus to get users off on the right foot.

The Best of the Best

All in all, the Net Entertainment Touch platform is one of the best mobile innovations that have been created in quite some time. While others attempt to compete, there is no other developer that can match the intuitive, friendly nature of the interface that is provided by this highly-regarded company. Getting started is as simple as finding a venue and choosing a title!